Sunday, March 29, 2009

someone needs a cupcake.

my dear sweet blog is one year old today!

happy birthday, blog. it's been an interesting year.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


yesterday, my friends and i went to archer city, texas. it's a small town. it's the town that larry mcmurtry is from. it's the town that the last picture show was about. it's quaint. it's also home to mr. mcmurtry's pride and joy: four HUGE bookstores!

archer city is mecca for bibliophiles like me. here's how the day went:

we pulled up to the first store around 10:15am. we were excited.

we walked in and were greeted by a very nice woman who worked there. we began to peruse and ran across this cute little fella:

we turned a corner and saw this...

...and melted with happiness! i thought that this place was the closest thing to heaven that i had ever seen, until i saw this...

...and realized it wasn't close to heaven, it WAS heaven. two whole shelves of beautiful, old books on spenser!!!

here are some pics of us enjoying ourselves:

we stayed until they closed at 5pm. it was a day full of little letdowns (no 1976 edition of fahrenheit 451), complete surprises, and lots of fun times spent with good buddies. i didn't buy much, but i did come home with a couple of treasures:

aren't they lovely?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

in the words of rayman's raving rabbids....


i am so freaking tired and stressed out. spring break cannot come fast enough.