Monday, October 24, 2011

decision 2011.

i’ve made a decision.  beginning november 1, i will buy no more books for a period of six months.  unless it’s a serious bradbury find, and then i’m kind of obsession-obligated to buy it.

i have spent a ridiculous amount of money and space collecting books.  i realized this weekend, as i was cleaning my office, that i have no more storage space for books.  so there are stacks and stacks of books lying about. 

thus, the decision was made: operation read what I have

my rapidly ever-expanding to be read list will be conquered in the next six months (or at least that stuff on the list that i already own).

so i can go to all the bookstores i want, but i can’t purchase anything.  i can peruse goodreads and amazon with reckless abandon, yet my debit card will feel no pain.  i will read only the books i own and those i can check out from the library.  no more buying books.  for six months.  

god help me.