Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On 2013.

2013 is over, so here's the obligatory 2013 rewind (which will be light this year given my blogging hiatus):

worst parts: losing beloved pets, learning to cope with new life circumstances

best parts: spending time with loved ones while seeing awesome movies (i'm looking at you jurassic park 3D IMAX, pacific rim, ender's game, and catching fire), getting to visit my sister and explore a new part of the country, becoming the go-to tech in the classroom person on campus, developing and deploying the BEST.CLASS.EVER!

in 2013, i resolved to:
1) write more--even if it's just five minutes a day

-definitely complete.  while it may be hard to believe given the fact that i haven't updated this blog since july, i have been working on several projects offline that have taken up all of my writing time.  these projects have moved forward, and i look forward to continuing to work on them.
2) choose joy.
-yeah....so...about that.  i struggle with pessimism, so this is something that i need to actively work on.  i tried to be more joyful, but i'm not sure if it worked or if i stuck to it enough to work.

in 2014, i will:
1)  embark on a new book challenge (i don't know what it will look like yet, but i need to do something)
2) continue learning and growing as a teacher

3) work on accepting bad news in a productive manner

best of 2012 (the best things i've encountered this year [either truly great or awesomely bad or entertaining])
*the strain series - guillermo del toro and chuck hogan
*HARRY POTTER! – J.K. Rowling
*middlesex – jeffrey eugenides
*a song of fire and ice series – george r.r. martin
*bitterblue – Kristin cashore

*night vision – imagine dragons
*my head is an animal – of monsters and men
*til the casket drops – zz ward
*last of the great pretenders – matt nathanson
*the civil wars – the civil wars
*from there to here to you – jack johnson
*carry the fire – delta rae
*the lumineers – the lumineers

*zero dark thirty
*hansel and gretel: witch hunters
*iron man 3
*the great Gatsby
*pacific rim
*catching fire


2013 in review (quotes from my dear neglected blog):

janeiro: "all this is to say that this week i feel fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful, funny people who have begun to think of me as one of their own and to have my own little islands of solitude where i can work, play, and get away from it all when i need to."

fevereiro: no posts

marco: "
my post-apocalyptic/dystopian class goes live in the fall!"
abril: "
no one could ever possibly make me hate fahrenheit 451, right?  RIGHT?!"
maio: "
i wish i could have celebrated his last birthday with him by taking him to see the avengers instead of calling his hospital room."
junho: "
after collecting bits and pieces and threads of info about the whole series for years, i decided to become a pureblood by reading and watching all of the potters."
julho: "
as we took off the next day, belvedere snapped one last picture of the mountains outside the plane window. "
agosto: no posts

setembro: no posts

outubro: no posts

novembro: no posts

dezembro: no posts