Friday, April 26, 2013

on procrastination and preparation.

i'm avoiding the digital mountain of papers awaiting me on my flash drive.

actually, this is a kind of forced procrastination because the learning management software we use at school is moving SO SLOWLY this morning.  it takes about five minutes to upload a graded paper and post a grade.  ain't nobody got time for that.

so i'm putting grading off and venturing into slightly more terrifying waters: prep for my new lit class.

y'all, i'm freaking giddy with excitement over my new class, post-apocalyptic and dystopian narratives, but i'm also kind of nervous.

these are some of my favorite texts. like ever. 

i don't want to get into this class, have students screw my favorite books up and ruin them for me forever.  that's kind of my greatest fear.

but i'm trying to be brave.  i'm putting content up, developing assignments, and ordering materials with reckless abandon, hoping the entire time that my students can live up to my ideal. we'll see about that.

no one could ever possibly make me hate fahrenheit 451, right?  RIGHT?!