Tuesday, May 31, 2011


hello blogging world.  it's been a while.

i survived last semester and have now had two weeks of blissful rest and adventure.  in short, i'm healed and (i think) ready to do it all over again.  at least i hope that's the case because the next term starts in about two hours and twenty minutes.

i'm blank right now.  a page waiting to be filled.  i've had plenty of fun, free craziness since the semester ended, but i don't FEEL like writing about any of it.  maybe later.

i feel that i'm blocked at the moment.  creativity is bursting out in all different directions--sewing, crafting, cooking--but not in the direction of the printed word.

maybe this block will end soon and my poor, neglected blog will get to booming again.

maybe.  hopefully.

until then....xoxo