Thursday, April 16, 2009

that's it. i quit. i'm moving on.

but not really. the infamous bradbury project is frustrating me.

there's just so much information to be collected, organized, and accounted for--it all seems like a little too much right now. but i've been here before; i'll continue trudging along through the muck.

on another note, a colleague of mine who thinks my obsession with bradbury is quite amusing thinks it's funny each time i purchase another book by or about bradbury. i mentioned that i recently purchased the 1967 book club edition just for the new introduction it contained and he decided that instead of the crazy cat lady, i'll be the crazy book lady. one day i'll die and the police will find me surrounded by hundreds of copies of fahrenheit 451. they will immediately decide that there's foul play involved and think the books are a clue. little will they know that i was merely afflicted with biblioholism.

he thinks it's funny. i think it's probable.

so, in honor of him, i've decided to commit to this bradbury obsession once and for all. i will purchase every book the man has published and every edition of fahrenheit 451 ever produced (accept the asbestos edition because i don't have $30,000 to spend on it--although if someone were to give it to me i wouldn't turn it down).

i'm sick.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

our dogs.

they are interesting creatures. i thought i'd share them.

name: abigael snowflake
age: 11
size: medium
breed: lhasa apso
sign: aries
nicknames: black dog, muffin, abbers, abby-dabby
hobbies: barking incessantly at nothing, sleeping, eating treats then throwing them up, hiding from the monster that lives in the closet (vacuum), getting scratched

name: seƱorita sophia margarita aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
age: 10
size: small-ish
breed: long-haired chihuahua
sign: aquarius
nicknames: taco, rat, yoda, wombat
hobbies: sleeping, snoring, barking when no one else does, demanding attention

name: madalyn rae
age: 8
size: big
breed: catahoula
sign: taurus
nicknames: big girl, stinky, monkey, pumpkin, madders
hobbies: huntin’ varmits, guarding the house, looking out for her sisters and brother, getting her belly scratched, eating marshmallows and candy corn

name: shelby loo
age: 6
size: medium-ish
breed: beagle/dachshund
sign: cancer
nicknames: peanut, shelbs
hobbies: barking, protecting grandpa, chasing squirrels, sunbathing, making mommy let her in and out repeatedly, stealing chairs, going for rides, eating ice cream

name: mardi reed
age: 2
size: medium
breed: shih-tzu
sign: pisces
nicknames: bubs, lil’man, bubby
hobbies: playing with his girlfriend, doing circus paws, biting ears, eating cheese-whiz, digging to china, sleeping, dressing up