Friday, July 12, 2013

on sir belvedere the beaver's pacific northwest adventure.

i recently went on an adventure in the pacific northwest--up to portland and seattle to spend a few days.

having moved to texas when he was very young, a friend of mine, sir belvedere the beaver, decided to tag along on my trek to the beaver state.  
he wanted to get back to his roots, see his family, and have some fun.  i happily followed him around with a camera to document his journey.

first, we waited patiently for our plane.  shout out to dfw airport for the awesome chairs with charging stations built in!
  once we took off, belvedere was obsessed with looking out the window.

when we finally made it to stumptown, belvedere decided to be the navigator.
i forced him to accompany me to powell's city of books.  unfortunately, no photographic evidence of this event survived the excitement.

the next morning, we headed up the portland aerial tram to get a good view of the city below:

then, we headed off to saturday market and did some browsing/people watching:
next up, we hung out at pioneer square:
later that day, we traveled to the columbia river gorge to take in the view. 
we saw waterfalls:
and were awed by the beauty of the place:
while hanging out at crown point vista house in the gorge, belvedere met up with his long lost cousin, batilda.  the beavers were shocked at their differences at first--batilda being a more natural, country beaver and belvedere being very much a city boy. 

the next day we had an early breakfast at pine state biscuits:
then we headed to seattle. we visited alki beach on puget sound where we stuck our feet in the frigid water just to see how cold it was.
belvedere took advantage of the sunshine and did a bit of sunbathing:
we then boarded a ferry from seattle to bremerton and snapped a few shots along the way:
the next day, we spent some time exploring pike place market.

we met rachel the pig:
and found the super smelly and disgusting gum wall:

then it was on to fremont to see america's biggest statue of lenin:

as we took off the next day, belvedere snapped one last picture of the mountains outside the plane window.  he enjoyed his trip, loved visiting his family members, and looks forward to another adventure.