Monday, April 14, 2008

rodents of unusal size, take two.


while i haven't seen eddie for the rest of the week, i did open my front door this morning only to encounter another possum on my front porch.

i'm left to wonder--are the possums stalking me?


so i'm walking up to the auditorium building again today (as i do every day of my life), and what do i see? the giant possum from two weeks ago.

this time he's on the other side of the building sniffing around, then taking a moment to pose for the camera.

so maybe he's not as big as i originally thought, but he is the size of my beagle. i have decided that since i'm apparently destined to see this cute little fella' that i will call him edmund. eddie for short.

so bye for now eddie, i'm sure our paths will cross again.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

in need of inspiration...

i'm completely and totally blocked. i can't write anything. not a term paper. not a poem. even these few words seem forced. i'm in desperate need of some inspiration.

so when i'm feeling this way i usually tend to reread a bunch of favorite old poems. we're talking 16th century stuff. i somehow always seem to find what i need in them. it's kind of like how some people have problems and turn to the bible for guide. instead of the bible i turn to spenser. is that sacrilegious? it think so. but i should embrace whatever works, right?

well this time it's not working. i've read spenser, sidney, shakespeare, donne, wyatt, all the guys that usually bring about some sort of epiphany in me and i've gotten nada.

so i do what works when poetry fails: turn to song lyrics. i love music--all genres and types, so i can usually find something that seems to fit the situation i'm in. again, nada. the closest i can come is eli young band's "so close now," but that just causes me to think about graduation and the future, and not the paper writing that i so desperately need to be doing right now.

where do i go from here? guess i'll have to go biblical afterall.

any thoughts?

Monday, April 7, 2008

weekend rap-up

so my weekend can be described in the following phrases:

-great music
-great food
-bad fishing, but good times

so friday night nick, mom, cindy and i went to the eli young band concert at the house of blues (i'm kind of a groupie). it was, to say the least, freaking awesome. and to make it even better, it was their first sell-out show and mike eli's birthday!

check them out:
here's some video i shot...

so then saturday after work it was "hang out with the family time". freaking great food and company. we decided at one point that since mardi was going to the groomer on monday to get his hair chopped off, that we should take advantage of his long locks and give him a mohawk. he wasn't cooperative, but here's a pic:

sunday, my daddy and i went fishing at our favorite lake--lake ray roberts north of denton. beautiful lake, beautiful day, crappy fishing. it was so windy that you couldn't really cast, and the water was still too cold for the fish to bite. but, that's why it's called "fishing" not "catching". anyway, daddy and i had a good time and i came home looking like a lobster. i didn't even think about it being warm and sunny when i left the sunscreen at home that morning. oh well. sunburns fade away...eventually.

terrific weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

only memories remain...

thought of the evening...

there are very few things on earth better than willie nelson singing "blues eyes crying in the rain"

oh that and i came to the realization today that the "hood" for my graduation regalia is more like a cape. seven years of denton (and making fun of the crunchy-granola cape-wearing art students) and i'm going to be the one on campus wearing a cape. karma's a bitch.