Friday, August 8, 2008

hello, my name is duessa...

...and i'm a bookaholic.

i binged a couple of nights ago. it had been two months since i last purchased a book, then all of a sudden i realized that i was ten pages away from finishing the only book i own that i hadn't read and i had a little bit of a book anxiety attack. 

i bought six new books. six bright, clean, and delicious new books. i can't wait until they get here so i can begin devouring them one by one. 

don't you just love the way books smell? it's one of those smells that always reminds me of my childhood. it takes me back to walking into a library the very first time and realizing how freaking awesome it was to be surrounded by all those books. yep. 

turns out i was always a nerd. NERD. epic proportions.

so there's my confession. i am a bookaholic. i'm not ashamed.

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