Thursday, November 13, 2008

my thoughts.

i wrote this on the morning of wednesday, november 5, 2008. it's been a crazy couple weeks, so i'm just getting around to post it. 

in all actuality i've been so filled with things to say (not ALL political), that i haven't had the energy or time to sit down and write a coherent sentence. so for now, this is all i have:

i woke up this morning in the new america.

yesterday was important. illinois senator barack obama is now our new president elect.
i wonder how many people realize what an amazing moment we are living in. twenty-one months ago when this election debacle began, obama was the underdog. nobody believed that a black senator from chicago with limited political experience could ever be the president of this nation. he was, metaphorically speaking, always the dark horse.

now we stand upon the brink of change, a moment for the history books, and it is scary. i hope that after throwing all my support, hope, and kind thoughts toward this man, he can and will do the job he set out to do.

watching his acceptance speech was awe-inspiring. he was happy, you could see that. but he was also serious—as if, in that moment, he felt the burden of his new path weighing down upon his shoulders. yet he did not succumb to that burden. rather, he faced it head on and laid out his plan for the new america. an america where anything can happen, where brave men go to the moon and back, where little children, regardless of race and culture, can dream big and become whatever they choose, where the unlikeliest among us can become president. that is the american dream. and i, in this moment and for once in my life, am proud to call that dream my own.

“we are building up a new world. do not sit idly by. do not remain neutral. do not rely on this broadcast alone. we are only as strong as our signal. there is a war going on for your mind--if you are thinking you are winning. resistance is victory. defeat is impossible. your weapons are already in hand. reach within you and find the means by which to gain your freedom. fight with tools. your fate and that of everyone you know depends on it.” –“we are winning,” flobots

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