Wednesday, December 10, 2008

birthday celebrations...

so my birthday was a couple of weeks ago. the big 2-6. whoopee.

in honor of the day, my b-day buddy, gabe, and i invited our circle to a day of fun. we met for lunch at dick's last resort then headed over to the dallas world aquarium. in true duessa fashion i intended on documenting the day on film (or in this case memory card), although that didn't go quite as well as i planned.

this is me on the way to meet my buddies:
when we arrived at dick's (gifts aplenty in hand), our oh-so-loveable waiter made me this hat:

then he made this one for gabe (gotta love the uber-appropriate creepy face):

just as the food was about to be delivered, we were made to wear bibs. that's right. bibs. like little children. here are josh and erin modeling theirs:

after lunch we headed to the aquarium. it was playtime for one of the sloths. here is a less-than-thrilled nick posing in front of him:

and here is said sloth:

we saw a ton of other cool animals there, but because i only took my digital camera, the only ones i caught on film (err, memory card) were sloths. i guess they just move so slowly you can't help but take their picture. anyway, here are a couple of other sloths living up to their name:

and finally, as we neared the end of our aquarium trip, i roped some stranger into take a group picture. it's a little blurry--but so goes the average duessa birthday.

the next day, my mom and i went to the ice! exhibit in grapevine. i'll post those pics soon.
duessa, out.

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