Tuesday, January 20, 2009

january twentieth.

the air is electric. it moves through us. it holds all in its aura. anticipation hangs in the air.

today is tuesday, january 20, 2009, and apart from being the first day of a new semester, it’s inauguration day.

today president-elect obama takes his oath, gives his speech, and becomes our commander-in-chief. it feels like the election, debates, and primaries were ages ago. today we stand upon the brink of our futures, and there is a current running through us all.

the comparisons have been drawn—the “dream” has come to fruition. lincoln. roosevelt. kennedy. king. johnson. those are some awfully big shoes to fill. i hope president obama can deliver.

hope. it’s such a small word to convey a huge concept. i’ve written before that the obama camp gave me hope. it still does. perhaps i feel it more today since it’s the first day of the semester. but i do have hope.

this month brings many beginnings: new year, new classes, new students, new president, new cabinet. each with opportunities to correct past mistakes, to learn things anew, and to aid future success. each beginning is filled with hope, nervous anticipation, and electricity.

i feel it. don’t you?

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