Thursday, April 9, 2009

our dogs.

they are interesting creatures. i thought i'd share them.

name: abigael snowflake
age: 11
size: medium
breed: lhasa apso
sign: aries
nicknames: black dog, muffin, abbers, abby-dabby
hobbies: barking incessantly at nothing, sleeping, eating treats then throwing them up, hiding from the monster that lives in the closet (vacuum), getting scratched

name: seƱorita sophia margarita aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
age: 10
size: small-ish
breed: long-haired chihuahua
sign: aquarius
nicknames: taco, rat, yoda, wombat
hobbies: sleeping, snoring, barking when no one else does, demanding attention

name: madalyn rae
age: 8
size: big
breed: catahoula
sign: taurus
nicknames: big girl, stinky, monkey, pumpkin, madders
hobbies: huntin’ varmits, guarding the house, looking out for her sisters and brother, getting her belly scratched, eating marshmallows and candy corn

name: shelby loo
age: 6
size: medium-ish
breed: beagle/dachshund
sign: cancer
nicknames: peanut, shelbs
hobbies: barking, protecting grandpa, chasing squirrels, sunbathing, making mommy let her in and out repeatedly, stealing chairs, going for rides, eating ice cream

name: mardi reed
age: 2
size: medium
breed: shih-tzu
sign: pisces
nicknames: bubs, lil’man, bubby
hobbies: playing with his girlfriend, doing circus paws, biting ears, eating cheese-whiz, digging to china, sleeping, dressing up

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