Monday, May 18, 2009

el cumpleaños de mí padre.

my dad's birthday was earlier this month, so in typical duessa form i made him a cake:

here's daddy posing with his cake:

for his present, my sister and i got him a camping trip. we went to cooper lake in sulphur springs.

the area was really pretty.

the first day there we did a little fishing. it was stank hot and the fish weren't biting, but it was fun.

back at the campsite, we had a fire-pit.

so we decided to toast marshmallows. here are our marshmallows awaiting their destiny...

and the finished product:
i have never before seen my father eat a marshmallow. until that day:

our fire went out just as dusk fell upon us.

the next morning, we schlepped back over to the fishing pier to drop some more lines.

again, the fishing SUCKED. but, we did manage to catch a couple little guys (and by little i mean TINY).

we finished up fishing just as a swarm of children descended upon the pier and a storm started brewing.

all in all, camping wasn't that bad.

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