Wednesday, July 22, 2009

there's a what?! where?!

setting: yesterday afternoon, around 4PM

happenings: the dogs see a squirrel (or three) outside, so we let them out. thirty seconds later they are raising hell at the tree in the corner of our yard. this is not beyond their usual "SQUIRREL!-SQUIRREL!-let-me-out-let-me-out-oh-my-god-there's-a-squirrel-i-must-eat-him-or-see-him-destroyed" behavior, but something was a little off.

we looked outside. this is what we saw:

there was a dark spot that's not usually there. we got a little closer:
wait a second, that's not a squirrel. it looks couldn't be. closer still:
it is. a freaking raccoon in my tree. he was in the yard and the dogs must have scared him, so he ran up a tree. having never actually seen a raccoon in person before, i was curious. i walked up to the tree and snapped a couple of pictures. he was little, obviously a young raccoon, and he looked terrified.
after consulting with each other and the local animal control office, we decided to remove the squirrel and bird feeders from the back yard, keep the dogs in the house, and let the little guy go about his business. in the hopes of enticing him down, i smeared some peanut butter on some bread and gingerly placed it on the fence. he took a definite interest, but did not come down.

a few hours later, we watched as he crawled down.
UPDATE: as i was typing this, the dogs started screeching at the back door. our little buddy is back again. and in the same tree.

anyone know how to raccoon proof your yard?

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