Monday, July 18, 2011

totally random thoughts in totally random order.

1)  what is up with all the gleeks thinking that the news that some of the cast members will be graduating this season!  the producer said from the beginning that they would graduate in real-time, not tv time.  they were juniors last season.  you do the math.  and quit freaking out.  it's just a tv show.

2)  i'm listening the stan getz and joao gilberto on vinyl right now.  that's right.  be jealous.

3)  i found a new app for my phone that i love: goodreads.  i've been a member of the site for some time, but i just recently downloaded the app. it's amazing.  you can scan the ISBN barcode on a book and it catalogs it for you.  that's right, bitches.  i now have a virtual library (all except for the books on the shelves i can't reach and those that are packed away in boxes, lent to friends, and misplaced). 

4)  i really wish that the largest college i work at could manage to update/upgrade their technologies so that all the computers are capable of performing the same basic functions.  i'm not asking for a miracle.  i'd just like to be able to edit content in my online class without having to redo it eighteen times (not an exaggeration).

5) my desk needs to be cleaned.  what else is new?

6)  i'm now down to three books and am only actively reading one.  i think i'm going to pick up another one soon.  and probably completely abandon the other two.

7)  i'm going to tulsa this weekend.  yay.  woohoo.  can't wait.  {insert sarcasm}

8) i've been having nightmares lately about totally random stuff.  the first consisted of a zombie apocalypse with romero-esque zombies.  i was married to joshua jackson (AKA pacey from dawson's creek) and robert downey, jr. winked at me and gave me the virus.  then, the next night, i dreamed that the state was requiring me to go back to high school to repeat my senior year or take an exam to clep out.  my mom made me go back.  what gives?!

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