Monday, September 5, 2011

top five reasons i love my bestie: day five--HIS BIRTHDAY!

reason #1: he makes me smile and laugh when no one else can, and for that i'm eternally grateful
Halloween 2006

Mid-Laugh, Halloween 2006
The Hawk   ca. 2006
Proud!  May 2008

recently, i got some very disappointing news.  i cried.  my bestie knew just what to do:  give me a minute to process, hug me, and get me out of the house to get me mind off of it--in this case, for snowcones.  

that's him.  he knows when i need a laugh, and he delivers.  not a single person on earth is able to make me crack a smile when i don't want to but him. 

i just hope that he knows how much i appreciate having him in my life and how much i love him.  

happy birthday!

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