Friday, January 2, 2015

on new challenges.

so this year, instead of an official reading challenge, i've opted for a photography challenge.

photography has always been a love of mine--waxing and waning from time to time as other interests/necessities took its place.  i miss it often.

i was gifted with a beautiful new camera for christmas, so a photography challenge feels right.

i've looked at a lot of photo challenges lately, some 30 day, some 52 week. i haven't really found what i was looking for in terms of a schedule, though, so i'm creating my own.

mine will be a twelve month challenge, each month having its own theme.

i will take pictures within the theme and post at least one of them here along with a description of where/when/why the photo is taken and (if it's not obvious) how it fits the theme.  there will likely be more than one posted, but one is my absolute minimum.

here, in order, are the themes to come this year:

january: family
february: words
march: starts with b
april: technology
may: flowers
june: vertical
july: blue
august: books
september: pet
october: bokeh
november: self-portrait
december: hobby

ready or not, here we go!

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