Monday, April 14, 2008

rodents of unusal size, take two.


while i haven't seen eddie for the rest of the week, i did open my front door this morning only to encounter another possum on my front porch.

i'm left to wonder--are the possums stalking me?


so i'm walking up to the auditorium building again today (as i do every day of my life), and what do i see? the giant possum from two weeks ago.

this time he's on the other side of the building sniffing around, then taking a moment to pose for the camera.

so maybe he's not as big as i originally thought, but he is the size of my beagle. i have decided that since i'm apparently destined to see this cute little fella' that i will call him edmund. eddie for short.

so bye for now eddie, i'm sure our paths will cross again.

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