Saturday, April 12, 2008

in need of inspiration...

i'm completely and totally blocked. i can't write anything. not a term paper. not a poem. even these few words seem forced. i'm in desperate need of some inspiration.

so when i'm feeling this way i usually tend to reread a bunch of favorite old poems. we're talking 16th century stuff. i somehow always seem to find what i need in them. it's kind of like how some people have problems and turn to the bible for guide. instead of the bible i turn to spenser. is that sacrilegious? it think so. but i should embrace whatever works, right?

well this time it's not working. i've read spenser, sidney, shakespeare, donne, wyatt, all the guys that usually bring about some sort of epiphany in me and i've gotten nada.

so i do what works when poetry fails: turn to song lyrics. i love music--all genres and types, so i can usually find something that seems to fit the situation i'm in. again, nada. the closest i can come is eli young band's "so close now," but that just causes me to think about graduation and the future, and not the paper writing that i so desperately need to be doing right now.

where do i go from here? guess i'll have to go biblical afterall.

any thoughts?

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