Thursday, October 30, 2008

on the eve of all hallow's eve...

halloween is tomorrow. i freaking love halloween. a lot of people seem pretty indifferent about it--they are grossed out, freaked out, or think it's the "devil's holiday."

halloween is not about ghouls and goblins. well, at least not all about ghouls and goblins. for me, halloween is about rekindling that little part of yourself that is still young. our lives are so hectic, so filled with the thousand mundanities that send us rushing about, that we lose a very cherished part of ourselves: out inner child.

so that's what halloween is for me. it's the one time of year when i can let my inner child out to run rampant through the streets. it's the only time when i can delight in smearing fake blood all over my house. it's the only time of year when it's okay to weild a knife and hack a pumpkin to death. it's the only time of year when i can play dress-up and not get odd looks. it's the best time of the year.

so this halloween i will play dress-up, delight in childish pursuits, eat candy, and hack up a few pumpkins. i invite you to join with me.

don't think of halloween as a foolish children's holiday, think of it as nourishment for your inner child.

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