Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what i've learned in life...

:: i can accomplish a lot when i put my mind to it.
:: dogs are weird. particularly floppy ones.
:: stephen colbert is one of the funniest men in existence today.
:: i miss being a student.
:: there were a ton of people present at martin luther king's speech during
the march on washington in '63.
:: stephen greenblatt is a democrat.
:: i love fantasy as a genre. and it is literature.
:: i'm not as scared and socially awkward as i used to be.
:: tropic thunder = awesome.
:: i enjoy writing.
:: little kids aren't scary, but are annoying.
:: comic book movies can be fun.
:: not all teenagers are evil.
:: elections fill me with nerves, anger, and fear.
:: robert downey jr. has incredible comic timing.
:: no matter how many times you repeat yourself, someone will miss what you
:: no man is as handsome as gene kelley, as sexy as edgar ramirez, or as
dashing as hugh laurie.

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