Thursday, February 26, 2009

correspondence with a legend.

so a couple weeks ago i mailed a letter to ray bradbury as part of a project i have been working on forever now. i didn't anticipate receiving any response, let alone one containing the answer that i so desperately need to finish the project, but i opened the mailbox monday only to find an envelope staring me in the face.

it was no ordinary envelope. it was self-addressed and stamped--just like the ones i had enclosed with the letter i sent; it was post-marked "los angeles, ca," and i delighted in the possibilities that small envelope held within it.

i opened it only to find thrill and let down. mr. bradbury is eighty-nine years old. he's not in the best health, and is still a busy man, so it was not surprising that all he could manage was an inscribed picture. that was it. no answer to my questions. nothing more than a token of appreciation. that's the let down.

the thrill is a little harder to describe, but i'll try:

RAY FREAKING BRADBURY WROTE MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

did you see that? that first word on the page? yeah, that's my name as written by ray bradbury!
a legend took the time out of his busy day to personally inscribe and sign a picture for me! after a couple years of researching this man and his career, my adoration is pretty strong, and it seems that with every day that passes my respect for him as an artist and a man is growing. so thank you, mr. bradbury. you made my day. and while i still have questions, just the very fact that we corresponded thrills me to no end.

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