Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tag. you're it.

so i got tagged a few days ago. i've been avoiding it. but given the fact that i've been housebound today due to the consumption i'm apparently suffering, i'll go ahead and give it a go.

1:: i hate the baby corn things found in asian food. they're weird. i mean, are they baby big corns or an odd variety of corn? which is it. we don't eat normal corn cobs, so we shouldn't eat the little ones either.

2:: i am completely and totally obsessed with ray bradbury, fahrenheit 451, and asbestos.

3:: rootbeer is the only thing that tastes good to me when i'm sick.

4:: i long to be latin or english.

5:: i read middle english fluently.

6:: i frequently drive around for no reason at all. i just love to drive. ever since i got my license my friends and i have driven around aimlessly. i still do it.

7:: rather than buy expensive souvenirs on vacations, i collect flattened pennies. you know those machines that flatten a penny and imprint a stamp on them--those. i collect those. they're fun, cheap, and make me remember all the really fun times i've had while having them made.

8:: i have a huge crush on gene kelley.

9:: i'm allergic to PPD. that's paraphenylenediamine. otherwise known as hair dye. and tattoo ink. and every other type of dark goo or ink that you could possibly think of.

10:: i can make a mean mug of hot chocolate. i insist that it's all in the technique.

11:: it drives me nuts when people confuse "their," "there," and "they're."

12:: i love the smell of lavender and have, on occasion, sprayed it all over my house. it's so refreshing and relaxing.

13:: i have a longstanding wish to be able to plug a flashdrive into the heads of others to download their brains like a file. of couse this power would only be used in cases where i am incredibly jealous of another person's knowledge. it would do no harm to them or their brains, and it would only serve to make me smarter.

14:: i cross my sevens and z's.

15:: i LOVE playing in the kitchen. i'm a pretty good baker and thoroughly enjoy getting in the kitchen and whipping up something delightful.

16:: i have only cried (full-blown blubbering) at three movies: life is beautiful (but only in the original italian), crash, and milk.

17:: i love the word fuck. it's just a great word. i use it way more than i should.

18:: i think that "the merchant of venice" is not necessarily anti-semitic. it definitely can be read that way, but it can also not.

19:: i am an intense bibliophile and have begun hoarding antique books. especially ones that have sentimental meaning for me.

20:: i loathe catfish.

21:: when i was little, i had a crush on one of our local weathermen. my parents still give me hell about it today. but hey, i know a ton about meteorology now.

22:: i am obsessed with texas. weird and unique texas, that is. i have spent many a day driving around this crazy state taking pictures of giant spaceships, brass armadillos and more.

23:: i hate little paperclips. they serve no purpose whatsoever. anything worth paperclipping deserves a full-sized one.

24:: i think harold bloom is my arch-enemy.

25:: despite my love of driving, if i could pick a superpower i would choose teleportation. just the option of being able to zap myself anywhere on earth is rather appealing.

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