Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween and spooky things...

it all started at 8. an assortment of characters showed up: kittens, rednecks, midgets with attitude, ewoks, and more.

it was, simply put, a hot mess.

we managed a few group pics.
the kitten.
the redneck. check out that mullet.

the goth fairy.
the american loathing, wine guzzling, chain-smoking frenchie.

the mad scientist who's trying not to laugh.
the midget with 'tude.
the midget giving the fairy a little thrill.

the ewok.

my creation. six legs. oh, yes. six legs.

happy halloween, all!

1 comment:

le pipe de singe said...

Never fails. Always hilarious! Hey, looking forward to Missa Todd!