Friday, November 6, 2009

life adventures

things i hate:

1) evil scantron machines.
mr. scantron,
i don't use you very often. when i do, i would love it if you could work. the first time. not the twelfth. you don't get to pick and choose which of my students' exams you would like to grade. you have to grade them all. this is your job. your purpose. your destiny. buck up!

2) high school english teachers who can't communicate intelligently through e-mail.
ms. know-it-all-who-actually-knows-nothing,
you suck at typing and spelling. no wonder my students come into class unable to write complete, effective sentences.

3) music research papers.
i loathe you. you destroy my mood and make me want to drink. a lot. please show signs of improvement.

4) my bestie having to work all the time.
best friends job,
hire some freaking people already so i have my best bud/hang out partner back!

things i love:

1) the new train album.
you rock. keep on rocking. never change! xoxo

2) apple danishes.
you are delicious and cinnamony and oh so good on a crisp fall morning.

3) Jon Ronson.
mr. ronson,
you are a hi-larious writer, and i very much enjoy your books. please write something new soon.

3) anticipation of upcoming events
concerts/plays i will be attending soon,
i'm really looking forward to you. please be great!

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