Tuesday, September 11, 2012

on history and violence.

so it's that day again.

we all sit on pins and needles, a little nervous, in the words of seamus heaney "a little emptier, a little spent."

i've written about september 11th before back in 2009, when i was still relatively new to teaching, and last year, on the tenth anniversary.  i've said just about all i have to say.

in some ways, this day seems ordinary.

but, as i sit in my dim office about to go home, i have realized that it hasn't been an ordinary day after all.

i haven't been myself today.  i've not joked around or spoken to many people when i didn't absolutely have to.

i've been in a mood today--not wanting to deal with the trivial problems of my students.  my very young students who were six years old when the twin towers fell and who, for the mere reason of their age, have no real recollection of just how big a deal today is.

i resent them for their innocence.  for their carefree-ness today.

i hope they enjoy their freedom and that they never have to divide their lives into two categories--pre- and post-.

that's all i have to say.

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