Friday, March 29, 2013

on losses.

this beautiful, loving, smart, sassy girl has been lost.

after becoming very ill, i was forced to put my sweet baby to sleep this morning.  i've had her for almost half of my life, and my heart is just broken.

she stole my heart as a puppy and has held it ever since.

i like to think, that despite our despair here without her, she has been reunited with her big brother, Boommer, and her grandpa.  Together, they will romp and play, drink coffee, eat strawberry cake, and be happy.
i'm so thankful i got to be with her in her last moments, scratching her ears just the way she loved.

my sweet goose, pumpkin, chuck, gansita, monkey, stinks, baby girl --i love you and will always miss you.  there's a catahoula-sized hole in my heart that no one but you can fill.

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The Humble Narcissist said...

I will tell you what I told Craig when we had to put Titus down not to long ago: This, THIS, is a dog worth crying for. This is a dog worth your tears and your grief. Eventually, you will be able to look back on her memory and smile more than cry, but for now, you go right ahead and cry and mourn and rage and anything else. If there's anything on this planet that warrants such expressions of loss, it's a good dog.