Saturday, March 1, 2014

on book 13.

book 13 of 60: storm kings: the untold history of america's first tornado chasers by lee sandlin

date started: 2.21.2014
date completed: 3.1.2014

i love weather. had I been better at math, i would have become a meteorologist and researched weather for the rest of my life.  after reading the worst hard time, this book felt like a natural next step.

while, ultimately, interesting, there are many monotonous sections of the book which make it a bit difficult to slog through. sandlin does a nice job of moving through the stories of the various men involved with meteorological science throughout the ages, even if some of these stories are more reminiscent of kindergarten recess than scientific inquiry.

particularly interesting to me was the section on Tetsuya Fujita, the scientist behind the enhanced Fujita scale for tornado categories.

all in all, this certainly wasn't my favorite piece of nonfiction, but I certainly could have done worse.

probable next read:  destination truth by josh gates

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