Tuesday, March 11, 2014

on book 14.

book 14 of 60: destination truth by josh gates

date started: 3.1.2014
date completed: 3.11.2014

fun. campy. a bit preachy at times. basically everything the television show is condensed into a book.

a memoir of the host of syfy's destination truth, this book is comprised of a collection of essays and accounts of josh gate's travels--both before the tv show and during.  it has moments of humor, sarcasm, profundity, and wit.  it also has a small amount of gates' preaching about traveling/travelers/tourists/stupid americans.

all in all it was a quick, fun read that got me through a really busy and stressful couple weeks.

probable next read:  special topics in calamity physics by marisha pessl

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