Monday, June 2, 2014

on book 24.

book 24 of 60: the extraordinary adventures of alfred kropp by rick yancey

date started: 5.30.2014
date completed: 6.2.2014


this was an unplanned read.  a librarian friend of mine recommended it ages ago, and while it is a bit on the younger side of YA, it was a delightful, fun read.

about a boy who discovers he plays a part in a larger mythos, the narrator here is a bit slow at first, and, in my opinion, asks entirely too many questions.  but he is likeable and funny, so that kept me engaged.

i enjoyed the interwoven mythology, despite the fact that i have a rather notorious hatred of all things historical fiction (i'm looking at you, philipa gregory!).

all in all, this is a delightful book, and i look forward to reading the rest of the series. 

probable next read:  lost at sea: the jon ronson mysteries by jon ronson

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