Sunday, May 25, 2014

on book 23.

book 23 of 60: one fine potion: the literary magic of harry potter by greg garrett

date started: 5.7.2014
date completed: 5.23.2014

i'm currently developing a harry potter class grounded in narratology, so i picked this book up hoping for a good biblical allegorical interpretation.

i got that and more.

garrett approaches the harry potter series through a christian lens, yes, but he does so in a fair and honest way.  instead of the preachy-ness i feared i would find and have found to be the case in many books of this kind, i discovered a rational and refreshing argument.

in addition, garrett expounded on the texts through the four levels of interpretation found in thomas aquinas' summa theologica, one of my favorite texts.

while i did find his interpretation at the tropological level a bit weak, overall this is an interesting and compelling read.  it is well written and contains some really terrific ideas and sources.

probable next read:  lost at sea: the jon ronson mysteries by jon ronson (whom i REALLY don't enjoy over the course of an entire book, so we'll see how short articles strike me...we'll see)

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