Wednesday, August 13, 2014

on book 36.

book 36 of 60: bibliography and the sociology of texts by d.f. mckenzie
date started: 8.7.14
date completed:  8.11.14

this book was a total mindfuck.  seriously. BLEW. MY. MIND.

i have read a lot of bibliographical studies books in my life, and with that prior knowledge i have decided that this guy is the macdaddy of bib.  

much of the material in this book was written in 1986, but mckenzie is able to foresee technological changes to text that hadn't even been conceived of yet.  much like bradbury, he seems to *know* what's coming.  what an incredible mind.

because of this text, i have a plan to merge two major research projects that i have been frustrated with for some time AND some excellent source material to back up my claims.

i heart d.f. mckenzie.

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