Wednesday, August 27, 2014

on book 37.

book 37 of 60: ender's shadow by orson scott card.
date started: 8.18.14
date completed:  8.26.14
i love ender's game, and this is its companion text. i *really* doubted that it would be as good. 

bean, the main character, can come across as a bit whiny, but he is (dare i say it) a more sympathetic character than ender.  even as he tries to ignore/hate/avoid ender while constantly being compared to him, bean grows to love and respect his future commander.

always the smartest in the room and ahead of everyone else, bean figures out the secret of the ansible and does the right thing for his team.  

ender may be the hero, but bean deserves just as much credit.  maybe even more given his unusual birth and genetic history.

while i hesitate to proclaim that this text is better than ender's game, i do think it surpasses it in engaging audience sympathies and leaving the reader satisfied at the end.  if not better, it is certainly as good.

mr. card, i may despise your politics, but i love your art.  please keep writing.

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