Wednesday, May 7, 2008

amazed. simply amazed.

so i saw ironman last night. it was freaking great.

i am NOT a comic book movie type person. i've only seen one batman, one spiderman, and no superman in my entire life. so i have to admit i was a little skeptical going in--i knew it would, at the very least, keep me entertained for a couple hours, but probably would not be "amazing."

robert downey jr. was really good. he has terrific comedic timing, and the humor in the movie really makes it. the music was quite good as well (even with an orchestral version of "ironman").

all in all it's a really enjoyable movie, even for those who don't really like comic books.

oh, and don't bother to wait through the credits for the little special feature. it's like 10 seconds long and just lets you know there will be a sequel.

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