Tuesday, May 6, 2008

american folk song

so my daddy and i went fishing this past weekend. let's just say i had my mojo working. my daddy, not so much.

we recently bought some new ultralite rods and reels, so we had to play. after our last time out with the new gear i was feeling like mine was cursed. the line broke or got snared everytime i put it in the water (needless to say i gave the rod a very ugly nickname). so off we head to our favorite perch spot. perch is fun to catch, especially on an ultralite, 'cause they fight like hell. and it's the best possible fishing scenario for me because you get the thrill of catching the fish, looking at it (perch is really pretty w/ lots of different colors and patterns), then letting it go.

so my daddy had the first catch of the day. it looked something like this:

after that, i got one:

from there, it was on. i caught a total of twelve fish that day. my dad caught four. it was a thing of pure beauty. every time i put my hook in the water i was pulling out a fish. i think this one is number 5:
my favorite moment of the day--telling my daddy "not that i'm counting or anything, but this makes number twelve"

but, for all the crap i gave him, i was duly rewarded. in typical duessa fashion i forgot to bring sunscreen. i'm now a lobster. but a lobster who totally outfished her daddy.

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