Monday, May 26, 2008

i'm bored.

so here's a survey to entertain me. at least momentarily.

turn your music player on the shuffle mode and record the first ten songs that come on. then, for each song write something about it (a personal anecdote, the reason you like it, etc). be honest and don't skip around!

1:: "liedown" by darcy and the amazing glowing guitar of light
--this is a song by an classmate of mine. in undergrad we took a creative writing class together and i fell in love with his band. they have since changed names, but still rock!

2:: "closer" by nine inch nails
--wow. this song reminds me of eighth grade. not for any perverted reasons, just because the girl i sat next to in reading class sang it all the time. she was SO hardcore. or at least she thought so.

3:: "on broadway" by the drifters
--no special meaning here. just thoroughly love this song. the music is great!

4:: "you're just to marvelous" by frank sinatra
--i got rear-ended while listening to this song. but i still love it. i think that says it all.

5:: "show you how to love again" by eli young band
--amazing band. i'm kind of a groupie. for more info see this.

6:: "i got love if you want it" by slim harpo
--a really fun and unique song. it always reminds me of louisiana. for no particular reason, it just does.

7: "eshten charlyyry berge" by paul pena and kongar ol-ondar
--three words: tuvan throat singing. you should totally check it out. especially the genghis blues soundtrack. the best song is kagyraa moan. these people are able to manipulate their voices in such an interesting way...

8:: "imaginate" by gallegos
--reminds me of summer and cruising around with the windows down. that and beer. cold beer.

9:: "the distance" by cake
--i f-ing love cake. my sister introduced me to them a really long time ago; i have since purchased everything they put out. brilliant. i don't care of it's hokey.

10:: "adrift" by jack johnson
--this pretty much sums up my thoughts on jack johnson

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