Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the birthday vacay.

i took my best bud to austin this past weekend to celebrate his birthday.  here is the trip in pictures:

on the way down, we stopped at a cavern to go spelunking/exploring.  it was cool.  we saw tons of formations and even some petrified bat guano. 
we also had our picture taken in front of the balcones fault line.

then we loaded up in the car again and made a detour through hutto and pfuegerville, where we encountered an odd species of hippo:

we each had a run in with these rare creatures:
we finally made it into austin and checked into our hotel.  the view from our room was awesome!
the next day, we began our adventure at the university of texas memorial museum where we saw assorted beasties (in their skeletal forms):
then we headed down south congress to do a little shopping:
after shopping and a nap, we had a drink at the hotel bar
then it was off to a sunset boat tour of the city and to watch the bats emerge from the south congress bridge.
the next morning was his proper birthday, and he was served breakfast in bed (king style):
from there we checked out and headed south to new braunfels to see about some alligator/snake/exotic animal action.
at the animal farm i was forced to feed this goat:
and we were stared at by this rooster:
we then began our trek back north, stopping to shop and eat along the way.

it was truly a great little adventure!


Dust speck said...

I'm jealous you got to see the bats and the reptiles. I am not jealous of the hippos. Just thought I'd add that.

la pipe de singe said...

I really wish I could've gone with you guys. Brian, too. I love the Hippos. I think they're adorable, even though real ones are extremely territorial, violent, kill more Africans than crocodiles, and fart through their mouths. Other than that...Goochy goochy goo!

NeddyTeddy said...

Best Birthday EVER!!!!!