Monday, September 13, 2010

when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

...that's amore.

but that's a story for another day.  today the topic is pizza.  weird pizza to be exact.

i have developed a penchant for making odd pizzas.

"pizzas with regular flavors are so banal..." i thought to myself one afternoon while ruby, my trusty bread machine, kneaded my pizza dough, "i want something new!"

a quick trip to the grocery store later revealed my newest creation: breakfast pizza.  not the most earth-shattering revelation i know, but it's the spin i put on the breakfast pizza that i think is unique: maple-sage sausage, sharp cheddar, gravy instead of sauce, and eggs cracked directly on top.

i wasn't sure if the eggs would cook.  i wasn't sure if the eggs would stay put and not make the crust runny.  i wasn't sure about the gravy.  a million little doubts flitted through my head as i popped the pizza in the oven.

20 minutes later i had my answer:  breakfast pizza was GOOD.

the next pizza making session brought with it another trial, this one a little weirder: chicken dinner pizza.

again using gravy for sauce, this time i added mashed potatoes, shredded roasted chicken, a light sprinkling of cheese and plenty of thyme.  again, i doubted.  again, i was amazed.

tonight made my third oddball pizza experiment: turkey and dressing pizza.

this time i used turkey gravy for sauce, then topped the pie with turkey stuffing, diced roasted turkey and the slightest little sprinkling of cheese.  one word: AWESOME!  it was like thanksgiving in a slice.  you could even add a little cranberry sauce on the side if you're into that kind of thing.

so apparently strange pizza is my thing now.  i'm sure i'll give it another go in a couple weeks.  i'm thinking meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  or mac and cheese.  or something else....any suggestions?


la pipe de singe said...

I want the breakfast pizza.


duessa said...

i'll be sure to make you one next time you're up here!