Thursday, September 2, 2010

steve jobs sucks at his...

so i am totally underwhelmed by apple's newest lineup.  i get it--touch screens are cool.  they look neat.  but you know what's a whole lot cooler or neater?  massive storage for an epic music collection.

i've never been the biggest apple fan.  i'm not in a necessarily creative industry so the need for an apple computer escapes me.  i don't like being tethered to a cell phone anyway, so the thought of being endlessly entertained by my leash has kept me from purchasing an iphone. 

i have always been a fan of my ipod classic, though.  

initially i was against the ipod--against buying into the trendy thing.  i had an mp3 player that worked just fine for me.  until it didn't.  it died and i was forced out into the world, musicless.

my best bud bought me an ipod shuffle for my birthday one year.  i loved it.  it was cute, convenient, and seemingly quirk-free.  

i eventually made the decision to buy a new mp3 player and opted, based on the pleasant shuffle experience, to purchase an ipod classic 80GB.  

i've yet to regret that purchase.  it has plenty of room for my ever expanding collection and is easy to use.  no problems in my book.  i've resisted the multitude of newer devices that have come out since my purchase, each with smaller and smaller capacities.  why would i downgrade and risk running out of room?

now steve jobs announces a new line and the largest amount of memory possible is 64GB?  what gives?

what ever happened to improving on a product, not just fancying it up and pimping it out.  is a touch screen really worth losing so much space?  

not in my book.  but what do i know, i'm just a music lover.


Dust speck said...

While I've never needed such an abundance of space for my pittance of a music collection (I think it only topped 30G once when I shoved a bunch of audio books on there for a long vacation), I don't really understand a trend towards less space, especially as technology steadily allows us to make smaller and smaller memory components. It seems a bit like a step backwards to me. Then again, this was the company whose latest phone wouldn't work if it was held a certain way . . . Just sayin'.

la pipe de singe said...

At least you guys have your Mp3 players!



Amelia said...

We have an ipod that we don't even know how to use (we won it)...but we are technologically challenged around here. Learning how is on my to-do list.

From your description, it sounds to me that the phrase "they don't make things like they used to" is becoming truer even faster in this age!

Oh, and in case you are wondering who I am, I wandered here from Cjane's blog. It's nice to meet you!