Saturday, February 15, 2014

on book 10.

book 10 of 60: the textual condition by jerome mcgann

date started: 2.7.2014
date completed: 2.15.2014

this is a reread from my grad school days.  i've just started work on a new bib methods/textual studies paper/project where mcgann is relevant, so i decided to refresh myself with his work.

true to form, there are moments in this text that are extraordinarily dry (especially since i don't particularly care for ezra pound--whom mcgann pulls from A LOT), but for a textbook it is filled with engaging insights on reading, creating, and understanding texts.

probable next read:  radiant textuality: literature after the world wide web by jerome mcgann (he's kind of a big deal in my scholarly life right now...)

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