Tuesday, February 4, 2014

on book 7.

book 7 of 60: birthmarked by caragh m. o'brien

date started: 1.24.2014
date completed: 2.3.2014

meh.  it was fine.  at various points it read like a cheap YA version of handmaid's tale.  

the narrator, gaia stone (really?!), is quick to anger and seemingly incapable of rational thought, except when in high pressure situations.  she reminds me a bit of daenerys in the a song of fire and ice collection--always quick to anger and screaming about being the mother of dragons.  gaia is very much like her, but without the dragons adding a degree of awe to her plight.

add to that the 'villain' isn't very villainous.  sure, they take a few babies to adopt out to approved families, but their aim is to improve living conditions for all.  maybe it's because i don't have a motherly bone in my body, or maybe it's because i've ready WAY too much dystopian fiction, but the enclave just isn't heinous enough to do it for me.

overall i was unimpressed and plan on culling this trilogy.  the first book ended in such a way that i can deal with not reading the next two.  plus, there are so many other great books out there that need my attention more.

probable next read:  the dog stars by peter heller (if i make it through--i have my doubts!)

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