Monday, February 10, 2014

on book 8.

book 8 of 60: sonnets from the portuguese by elizabeth barrett browning

date started: 2.8.2014
date completed: 2.10.2014

i've been on a bit of a poetry bender as of late.  it's the stress.  i've been super stressed at work (too much to do, too little all know the way it goes), and when i'm stressed i tend to come back to home base, which, for me, is poetry.

i have a few poets in my back pocket who always serve me well, but this year i'm trying to read more new-to-me stuff.  enter elizabeth barrett browning.

while i've read and taught browning before, i haven't read her completely or in this way.  my book is her sonnets from the portuguese illuminated with letters between EBB and robert browning during their courtship.

i absolutely adore their peculiar, not-likely-to-make-it affair, so i thought this might be a nice read.

it was just that.  nice. sweet. disgusting.  all the things you expect from love poetry. seriously though, i am about as romantic as a wooden spoon, so i'm certain many of these beautiful verses were completely lost on me.

i did, however, find her mastery of the form quite wonderful and appreciated a sonnet cycle from a female voice (which is SUPER rare--trust me, i have degrees in this stuff).

EBB is a wonderful poet in her own right, and i wish that she was more widely read and in more depth.

probable next read:  red rising by pierce brown; back to my delightfully non-romantic post-apoc/dystopian genre

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