Wednesday, May 7, 2014

on book 20.

book 20 of 60: the coldest girl in coldtown by holly black

date started: 4.30.2014
date completed: 5.4.2014

best. book. ever.

worst. book-hangover. ever.

seriously.  this book is AWESOME.  entertaining from the very first page--funny, dark, gross, a little bit angsty (but not so much that i wanted to stop reading). 

i found myself so engrossed in the reading experience that i didn't even see the plot-twist until it was upon me.  SO GOOD.

i will definitely pick this one up and read it again.

be warned, though: you will not be able to find another book worthy of your time right after finishing this one.  give it a day or two for the book-hangover to wear off.

probable next read:  life after life by kate atkinson

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