Saturday, May 24, 2014

the adventures of flat kristy.

meet flat kristy.

flat kristy's 40th birthday is today, so she decided to take a trip to texas to visit with her family in the days leading up to the big 4-0.

after she arrived, flat kristy spent some time hanging out around the house with her family.  she watched some tele and smooched on some puppies.

later, she took a trip to lowes with her mom and sister to pick out some new plants for the garden.
 then it was time to garden (flat kristy's favorite!).  first she checked out this year's tomato crop:
then she helped trim some herbs:
just when she thought her gardening adventure was over, she met a new friend:
after she was done with her garden chores, flat kristy assisted her sister with dehydrating the herbs they picked.  she was thrilled with the result:
the next day, flat kristy accompanied her mom and sister to the grocery store, where she found her favorite soda:
then it was time for some fun.  first, she had dinner with a few friends at a local restaurant. because flat kristy can't get enough tex-mex, she chose cristina's mexican:

then it was off to the bookstore to see what they could find.  flat kristy was quite taken with the true crime section:
then, it was off to meet some more friends for a late showing of godzilla:
 before the movie started, though, flat kristy got into a raging argument with a friend about which is better, orcs or elfs.  flat kristy plainly lost (her elf argument was simply invalid):
the next day, she grabbed lunch with her sister at mesquite barbeque:
then flat kristy tried to help nick find a new house:
after an exhaustive search with no luck, flat kristy, her mom, sister, and nick had dinner at her favorite (and most missed restaurant), pappasitos.  flat kristy enjoyed the whole experience, from picking out what she wanted to eat:
 to snacking on chips and salsa:
to eating a delicious meal:
to enjoying a wonderful dessert and drink:
flat kristy may have gotten a bit too carried away with dessert, though:
but she pulled it together (despite being SO FULL!), and took a selfie with the family:
but, the highlight of the evening came later when flat kristy was serenaded by a mariachi band:
all in all, it was a wonderful few days.

happy birthday, flat kristy!

*nick said you will pay for this come july...

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