Saturday, March 29, 2008

love in the time of cholera. the movie version.

so i just finished watching the movie for the second time. here are my thoughts:

1) i freaking love javier bardem. i would bear this man’s children. too bad the script couldn’t live up to his acting potential (for those of you who doubt it, see no country for old men).
2) despite the shakira, the music in the movie is lovely. i promptly downloaded the soundtrack.
3) most of you know how much i despise literature being turned into film (take for instance the recent rash of beowulf movies). i’m torn over this one. because it is gabriel garcia marquez, i really want to like it. but at the same time i don’t. bottom line--it’s a smidge slow, but a nice film if you haven’t read the book. basically, cinema will never be able to live up to the amazing portraits garcia marquez paints on the page. except maybe if done by the coen brothers. that i’d like to see.

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