Monday, March 31, 2008

wow. i love denton.

so i'm walking up to the auditorium building today to pick up my graduation cords for sigma tau delta. i'm like 10 feet from the door when out from the bushes marches this possum the size of my dog. and not the chihuahua. the beagle. i stop dead in my tracks having flashes of thoughts like "aren't those things aggressive", and "oh my god it's going to claw my eyes out", and "wow. that's a brazen possum". i thought for a moment that cary elwes was going to jump out and wrestle the rodent of unusual size to the ground (and just for reference, i am aware that possums are marsupials, not rodents). the possum pauses, looks at me, then continues waddling across the sidewalk to the bushes on the other side.

again i'm reminded: only in denton.

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