Saturday, March 29, 2008

on the eve of a new year...

so here we are at the end of another year. 2007 has been, to say the least, extraordinarily difficult. In a year full of relationship drama, hospitalizations, carjackings, and praying that the remaining months of the year would pass fleetingly, it feels odd to look back. but, it seems that reminiscing is merely a byproduct of this time of year. so here i go:

worst parts: mom's surgery and recovery, daddy's illness, dilemmas combined with lack of trust, grandmother falling, then falling again, f****ng teenagers with guns at my car door, missing crucial classes to go to court

best parts: eli young band and getting my tshirt signed by all the boys, paula deen with mom, lunches with nick in between classes, galveston with daddy and kris, reconnecting with erin, buying the piano, fishing, mardi, bohemian rhapsody in the car with gabe

all in all, it has been a busy year. there have been moments of extreme hurt mixed with the highest of highs. i wouldn't want to repeat it, but i feel that this year has forced me to grow a little.

i normally ignore the whole new year's thing--thinking that it, and the resolutions it brings, are para los pájaros. that being said, i am breaking from my normal solitude and going to a party this new year's eve. this is the first step in what will be my first ever new year's resolution: be less scared. starting this year i will be braver. i will take more risks and accept more challenges and not back down no matter what kind of anxiety they produce in me. i will be more spontaneous and appreciate the opportunities i am presented with.

so there you go. my plan for the new year. afterall, if i survived 2007 i can survive anything.

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