Thursday, December 3, 2009

brandipalooza 2009.

it began friday. my family couldn't be together until friday, so we waited to have thanksgiving until that day. after stuffing ourselves with turkey, dressing, and all the appropriate fixings, my sister, bestie, and i headed for my fave band's concert. the opening act went on an hour and a half late and then stunk up the place. he did a set of eight songs. six of those were covers. the covers were not....good. we killed time by taking pics, drinking, and playing with my sister's iphone (which she needs to have surgically attached to her hand): my fave new drink, the ricky ricardo: finally eyb took the stage. they were awesome (as usual).
saturday was spent with my family, celebrating both my grandmother's birthday and my own. it culminated in a delicious dinner and a rousing game of partini. my sister and i won. twice. take that aunt betty. sunday was my actual birthday, and my bestie made it quite a fun and special day. it began with a trip to the christmas tree farm: the road trip was followed by a hay ride, after which nick was handed a saw: and we set off on the quest for the perfect christmas tree: finally, we found it, and nick, feeling a little guilty, proceeded to chop it down. he neglected to yell timber as it fell. the stump. don't worry little stump, you have fulfilled your destiny and will be replanted next year: nick then had to drag his tree to the road so we could be picked up: this made him feel very manly. like a lumberjack, really: and, finally, proof that i was indeed there: we then went to his house, decorated the tree, drank hot cocoa, and reveled in the cozy comfort of a warm house, great movie, good friends, and chocolate covered pretzels. it was a good birthday. probably the best so far.

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Here Here! I love hot cocoa. Mmm. . .marshmallows.