Thursday, December 31, 2009

el ano nuevo.

2009 is over tonight.  it was a busy, interesting, and at times very difficult year. and since reminiscing is a by product of this time of year, here i go:

worst parts: josh & erin's troubles, dad's hospitalization, dad's diagnosis, dad's layoff, dad's second hospitalization, the screw-up with my summer schedule, swine flu, the raccoon saga, uncle donald's death, trying to settle dad's parents' estate, the busiest semester ever.

best parts: eli young band with nick & kristy, buying and playing the wii with the group,  booked up with the group, camping with daddy, snow!, glee night with nick & erin, obama's inauguration, corresponding with ray freaking bradbury!!, my birthday celebration, getting to teach online.

the good parts are fairly equal to the bad. it's been a decent year. i know that i have it better and easier than so many others, so i'll say that despite its hardships, 2009 has been good.  so now on to the resolutions.

in 2009 i resolved to:
1) work seriously on the bradbury project. maybe even go to ohio to see the manuscripts.  fail.  hah!  the year actually began promisingly enough with the project, but i haven't touched it in several months.
2) make more time for things i enjoy: taking pics, baking, reading, etc. check.  kind of. i've indulged in those a little more this year and have even picked up a few new hobbies.
3) set firm deadlines for grading papers and meet them. check.  it's just easier when it's organized and on a schedule.

in 2010 i will:
1) work seriously on the bradbury project. maybe even go to ohio to see the manuscripts.
2) take care of my family and be a better daughter.  

best of 2009 (the best things i've encountered this year)
    * pride and prejudice and zombies - jane austen & seth grahame-smith
    * them: adventures with extremists - jon ronson
    * the know it all - a.j. jacobs
    * the book of the courtesans - susan griffin

    * american saturday night - brad paisley
    * vagarosa - ceu
    * sunny side up - paolo nutini
    * taxi amarillo - taxi amarillo
    * save me, san francisco - train
    * ga ga ga ga ga - spoon

    * public enemies
    * monsters vs aliens
    * up
    * inglourious basterds
    * drag me to hell
    * the hangover

2009 in review (quotes from my dear bloggy blog):
enero: "this month brings many beginnings: new year, new classes, new students, new president, new cabinet. each with opportunities to correct past mistakes, to learn things anew, and to aid future success.  "
febrero: "ray freaking bradbury wrote my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
marzo: "yesterday, my friends and i went to archer city, texas."
abril: "i will purchase every book the man has published and every edition of fahrenheit 451 ever produced (accept the asbestos edition because i don't have $30,000 to spend on it--although if someone were to give it to me i wouldn't turn it down)."
mayo: "the next morning, we schlepped back over to the fishing pier to drop some more lines."
junio: " congrats, pixar. you did something few other films have made me do: cry like a girl. "
julio: "he's been out in the day because he's too young to effectively catch little mice, so he's hungry and foraging for anything he can find. it's like a freaking disney movie really. and my dad's cruella deville."
agosto: "inglourious basterds = awesome."
septiembre: "so there you have it. bankers suck."
octubre: "my best friend was on the news this morning."
noviembre: "mr. scantron,
i don't use you very often. when i do, i would love it if you could work. the first time. not the twelfth. you don't get to pick and choose which of my students' exams you would like to grade. you have to grade them all. this is your job. your purpose. your destiny. buck up!"
deciembre: " i called my mom (who couldn't talk for laughing) and she confirmed that there are usually 9-10 treats per bag.  we had three left."

happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!

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